Types of Swimming pools

Have you ever wondered how many different types of swimming pools are there? Though many seem similar, there are over a dozen kinds of swimming pools available. Despite this, a swimming pool can have a significant difference from one another in terms of its structure, materials used, and even the shape of a pool.

Pools are mainly classified into two: Above-ground pools and In-ground pools. As the name refers, Above-ground pools are pools that are constructed above the ground level while In-ground pools are constructed at the ground level. Pools like Intex pool, steel frame, resin, etc. come under Above ground pool category and In-ground pools consist of pools like concrete pool, fiberglass pool, vinyl pool, etc. Let us look into different kinds of pools in detail.

Above ground pool

As you start doing your research, as any good consumer does, you realize it may not be quite that simple. Swimming pools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points and you quickly realize you aren't exactly sure which type of pool will fit your needs best. Most above-ground pools are constructed with aluminum, resin, or steel sidings with vinyl liners. Installation of an above-ground pool depends on the type. However, you can follow a general process when setting up standard pools, with PVC walls and steel frames. After clearing an area and making sure the ground is level, start by laying down the ground cloth and placing the bottom plate on top.

The salient features of above-ground pools are that they are less costly and less space consumable. Also, Above-ground pools are easy to construct too. On the flip side, the lifespan of above-ground pools is less when compared to that of In-ground pools. Let’s look into some of the Above-ground pools in detail.

Intex / inflatable blow-up pool

Intex pools are made up of synthetic materials like Vinyl, polyvinyl chloride, etc. These come in different sizes and are perfect for kids. You Can generally purchase it from stores and lay it out in your yard and pump the necessary level of air using an air pump. The main advantage of Intex pools is that they are very cost-effective and easy to install. When it comes to disadvantages, they are not long-lasting as traditional pools and have to change the water more often.

Steel Frame Above Ground Pool

These are the classic types of pool that comes in metal frames. Stainless frames are used for the construction of steel-frame-above-ground pools to prevent rusting. As easily reinforceable and recyclable, it’s easy to make pools using steel. Steel is also considered as a raw material for constructing some of the in-ground pools too.

Paddling pools and Kiddie Pools
Intex pool
Intex pool

Resin Frame pools
Intex pool
Resin Frame pool

Hybrid above-ground pools

In-ground pool

In-ground pools are those pools that are constructed at ground level. Despite the disadvantages of being time-consuming to finish construction and being more expensive than above-ground pools, In-ground pools are most people’s choice. The main advantage of In-ground pools is their life span and less maintenance cost. If we give proper maintenance to the pool, it will remain for decades.

Concrete pool
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Construction of a Concrete pool

Concrete pools are the traditional way of making inground pools. These were the first method used for construction when residential swimming pools came into existence. As there are many advantages such as durability, less maintenance cost, etc. If you use and maintain it properly, concrete pools will last forever with little maintenance.

Fiberglass swimming pool
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Construction of Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools are one of the prominent developments in the swimming pool industry. Instead of using concrete or vinyl, fiberglass is used to make pools. For this, fiberglass is molded into the shape of a swimming pool using molds at factories. The main advantage of these pools is that they are easy to install when compared to other inground pools but still require excavation and installation. Though fiberglass pools are available in a variety of designs, they don’t have the luxury of customization. These fiber glasses come in pre-made-shape and cannot make changes in that basic shape as it is not practical to make molds for each and every pool.

Lap Pool
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Construction of a Concrete pool

The main difference between lap pools among other pools is their design and mode of use. Lap pools are generally constructed for swimming practice and exercise rather than fun time. Most lap pool design is in an extended rectangular shape. They are also constructed to be compactable with less space area as it doesn’t need a wider area.

Vinyl Pool

If you are looking for the cheapest In-ground pool, the Vinyl pools are your best option. They are quite versatile in that any shape or size can be accommodated. The make-up of the vinyl is soft to the touch and thus it doesn’t foster the growth of algae, which means the costs on chemicals and filters are slightly less. The main disadvantage of the vinyl pool is it has less life span than other In ground pools.

Apart from these two categories, which are Above-ground and In-ground pools, there are some other types of pools.

Portable Swimming Pools

Portable pools have changed all this completely. Instead of installing it to the ground, they are just placed on the ground. As there is no installation process involved in it, there is no installation cost and you can save a lot on it. All it requires is a concrete slab installed to level the ground underneath the pool, which can be done quite quickly and easily.

Semi-Inground and Semi-Above-ground Pool
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Semi-in-ground pool

There are semi-in-ground pools and semi-above-ground pools and both are entirely different. In-ground pools which are constructed partially above ground level with the attachment of side-mounted walls are called semi-in-ground pools. And those above-ground pools like Intex or steel frame pools constructed partially below ground level are called semi-above ground pools.

These are some of the mainline classifications of swimming pools around the globe and as there are a lot more varieties available, it’s quite difficult to explain every kind of pool in a single article. There are also pools like plunge pools, container pools, and many other types of pools available. If you’re planning to own a pool, there are many factors to consider, and an understanding about different types of pools is one of the primary factors to consider.

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