6 Factors you should keep in mind during winter if you own a pool.

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Do you know that your pool requires proper care in winter even if you are not using it? There are several factors affecting the quality and condition of the pool in winter. From freezing of water to leakage of plumbing systems, there are tons of important things to keep in mind for pool maintenance in winter.

Winter can be a challenging season for many outdoor pools and spas. Keeping your pool clean and properly drained is essential for a worry-free winter. If you own a pool, you may know the challenges and difficulties in maintaining the pool in summer. Winter is generally the time for your pool maintenance and troubleshooting possible problems that may arise. If you own an outdoor inground pool, you should worry about the effectiveness of your pool covers and if you own an indoor pool, you have to think about the best quality pool water heater. Anyhow one thing is sure, irrespective of indoor or outdoor pool, you have to take the winter seriously to do proper care and maintenance of your pool.

Let’s check the common problems and solutions that you should keep in mind to take care of your pool in winter.

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1. Cover your pools properly.

The first and most important step is to cover your pool properly. Any good pool covers will cover your pool without a gap and it’s a necessity. Along with fallen debris and leaves, there are chances that if you leave your pool open, algae and other harmful bacteria can grow in the pool. Thus, it’s mandatory to use the best quality pool covers to cover your pool. Choose your pool covers carefully as different pools require different types of pool covers. A cover for a deep pool does not suit an overflow swimming pool.

2. Beware of Freezing of water

Did you know that frozen water can expand up to 9% more? It is true, and if you own a pool, you must keep this in mind. There are possibilities that many times water may get stored in pipes, pumps, and pool filters. When the water gets frozen, it may expand and will lead to breakage of the pipes and filters. Hence, don’t forget to make sure that water doesn’t get trapped in pool pipes or pool filters. Also, it will create blockage in pool skimmers and if left unnoticed, replacement of swimming pool skimmers will be necessary.

3. Check regularly for Plumbing Leaks

Cracks in pipes are very common in winter. As the cold increases constantly, pipes tend to expand and contract rapidly and will result in plumbing problems. Since you may not use pools much in winter, the chances of the leaks getting noticed are less. Do examine the pool pipes and other plumbing areas for any kind of leakage or cracks.

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4. Beware of Sand storms.

If you are living in an area that experiences sand storms such as UAE, you should consider buying a high-quality pool cover. Accumulated sands can cause severe damage to your pool as it blocks pipes and filters and can also damage the pumps and filter systems, which eventually causes your pool to be unusable. So, make sure the pool cover does not leave any minute gaps.

5. Prevent Dust and debris accumulation

Winter brings the nightmare weather to pools that can cause dirt and leaves to clog your filter or pool drain systems. Clearing filters and drains regularly will prevent a buildup of dirt or leaves which could cause your pool to lose water quality. Regular cleaning will also keep your pool looking its best by removing any debris that accumulates over the summer months. To keep your pool looking pristine, focus on keeping your pool deck clean and free of debris before the winter season begins.

6. Get the right supplies.

Winter maintenance costs can be reduced if you’re fully prepared with the right winter pool supplies. Many winter pool supplies are different from those used during summer maintenance. Though you can use the same summer equipment like hoses, hand tools, etc., you have to get special products like chemicals, reagents, pool heaters, etc. exclusively for winter. Proper winter maintenance will allow you to enjoy your pool all winter long! In addition to reducing seasonal maintenance work, having the right supplies ready ahead of time can help reduce costs even more!

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Indoor pools are generally safe even when they aren’t heated as long as they aren’t covered in snow or ice. Owners of outdoor pools must take special precautions during winter months since ice and snow can damage them unless proper care is taken. Winter ain’t playin’ around! A well-maintained swimming pool is ideal no matter what season as long as it stays comfortable enough for you to enjoy all year round!

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